Will creates visual art pieces on canvas and in the digital space. Newer works have been painted using advanced digital painting software.

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Older art works can currently be viewed, and purchased in print at Crated and Fine Art America.

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Statements on the art

Artist Statement
Will Felix seeks a way of participating visually in a conversation about the world we live in, while circumventing the impasse of communicating in the modern town hall.

The current works are created in the digital realm, allowing for a contemporary challenge of expressing painterly abstraction influenced by the 20th century masters such as the Fauves and the Orphists. Will chooses to return to the symbolic explorations that were taking place before commercialism and hyperconceptualism took hold, in the hopes of encouraging greater reflection upon our realities.



“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
― C.G. Jung

The work of Will Felix is dreamlike, vibrant with the alchemy of the ever-waking mind interpreting dream symbols—or, better, translating them, from forms in the mind to images on canvas. Through color and flow, subtly applied but plain-spoken symbolism, and the honesty of a floral arrangement, his works deliver a visual poetry that is direct and accessible.

Aesthetically, his work moves between flows and eddies of energy to granular and geometric states of being. Thematically, he explores emotional and psychological themes, distilling them into potent forms of deceptive simplicity, as when a song’s powerful refrain lingers long after you’ve forgotten the rest of the words, carrying the real weight of what matters. In this way, every piece is both a captured moment of insight into a state of mind that anyone can recognize, as well as being a catalyst for the viewer’s own emotional understanding.

Visually arresting, cathartic and inspiring, poignant and comforting, Will Felix’s works speak to a life that is lived in and explored, calling the viewer to feel the resonance in their own life. Each work is alive, waking. Each is a facet of understanding life.

― Jaimie Pomeroy, 2017



My theory is that organic abstraction holds the key to promoting contemplation in a society that desperately needs it. The figurative elements suggest the narrative that viewers might be expecting; yet the abstraction draws them to think about it deeper than just on the surface. Whether they choose to accept it or not is the dilemma. The public might run away again. I will go on making such works anyway… perhaps a select few will benefit from them, or perhaps they might inspire another generation as the Expressionists did me.

― Will Felix, 2002.


(Feature image: “Self portrait,” digital manipulation, 2003.)

Will Felix was born in Brooklyn, NY in the eventful summer of 1969. His mother went into labor while watching Apollo 11 land 
on the moon, and headed for the hospital only to be sent back home. He was born 2 days later. This suggests either comfort in 
the womb, or rather a predilection for questioning the rules. 
This stubbornness with the conformity of human perception is prevalent in his varied works.

Will’s art career developed in Orlando, FL, where his work has been on display in several venues, including the Orlando Museum of Art and City Hall. Subsequent moves to New York City in 2000 and Akron, OH in 2004 have provided varied influences and venues for his career. He currently resides in Williamsburg, VA.

Studied at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, under Professors Morton Grossman, Craig Lucas, and Doug Unger.
Took courses at the School of Visual Arts, New York City

Art groups
Founding member and administrator of Apollonova, Northeast Ohio,
Founding member of OVAL (Orlando Visual Artists League), Central Florida, 1999-2000

Select exhibitions
2013 –
Halls of Art XII, Hampton Roads Convention Center group show, Hampton, Virginia

2011 –
All4One, Apollonova group show, We Gallery, Akron, Ohio
two, collaborative show with Rachel Roberts, Square Records, Highland Square, Ohio

2009 –
one, solo show, Front St. Gallery, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Art Tech: The Experiment, Apollonova Group show, The Lockview, Akron, Ohio

2008 –
AAA, Apollonova group show, Pop Shop Gallery, Lakewood, Ohio
a2, Apollonova group show, Asterisk Gallery, Tremont, Ohio

2007 –
Apollonova Artfest, Apollonova group show, Musica, Akron, Ohio
Vis1on One, Apollonova group show, Doubting Thomas Gallery, Tremont, Ohio

2006 –
The Vagina Monologues, group art auction, Musica, Akron, Ohio
Electric Lemonade, group show, Pop Shop Gallery, Lakewood, Ohio
Grand Opening, featured artist, Erewhon North Gallery, Akron, Ohio
Black History Month Exhibition, group show, Goldman Sachs,
Jersey City, New Jersey

2004 –
Will Felix, solo show, Luna Stage, Montclair, New Jersey

2003 –
Winter Art Show, group show, Bloomfield Ave Storefront,
Montclair, New Jersey

2002 –
Culture Lab 2, group show, Remote Lounge, New York City

2000 –
Black Velvet, group show, Orlando City Hall, Orlando, Florida
“EXP,” solo exhibition, Stardust V& C, Orlando, Florida
1st Thursdays, group show, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, Florida
RV Exhibit, group show, sponsored by Devoe Magazine,
Orlando, Florida
Nude Nite, group show, VGroove Productions, Orlando, Florida
Black History Month, featured artist, Brick City Center for the Arts, Ocala, Florida



“Harambe” – digital giclée canvas, 60″w x 40″h (152.4 x 101.6cm), 2017. Part of the “Afrika” series. One original edition available for public sale; and one available for gallery/museum request. See full image at Saatchi Art. A name derived a Rita Marley song “Harambe (Working Together for Freedom).” Harambee is a Swahili term for communal labor. That name was given to …


“Kalangungu” – digital giclée canvas, 50″w x 40″h (127 x 101.6cm), 2017. Part of the “Afrika” series. One original edition available for public sale; and one available for gallery/museum request. See full image at Saatchi Art. The word “kalangungu” is mentioned in a song by recording artist Finley Quaye called Sugu Mugu (Good Vibes) from 1997. …


(Feature image: “Plant sketch,” digital painting, 2013.)