Coming Soon: Skandinavia

Starting in February 2018, a new work of art by Will Felix will be released weekly with an accompanying blog on; and the piece will be available for sale online at Saatchi Art. Extra content and features is available to those who signed up on the Will Felix Artsite mailing list.

The second in the K series, Skandinavia will explore the idea of cultural influence: particularly how one can be inspired by other cultures from the point of view of appreciation, without appropriation.

In the 1960’s, western-style movies were all the rage. The attempt at copying their success led to the advent of the “spaghetti western:” cheaper movies made in Italy with lesser known talent. Those movies in turn became blockbusters in their own right: thanks to actors like Clint Eastwood, director Sergio Leone, and the music scoring of Ennio Morricone.

This is an example of what is being explored in “Skandinavia.” The idea of one culture influencing another and creating something novel, yet familiar… seen from a different lens… tasted with different spices.

While the name does suggest a focus on Scandinavian countries (with hommage to Edvard Munch), there will also be influences beyond that, such as the works of German neo-expressionist painter Markus Lüpertz, and American color field painter Helen Frankenthaler.

With much of the ongoing discourse analyzing cultural appropriation, it is important to recognize that one can be influenced and can embrace elements of other cultures without necessarily usurping them. It is also important to acknowledge how aspects of Western (Nordic) culture can influence the African American mindset.

Ideally this series would take place after an extended stay in Northern Europe. However this will be a non-geographic journey, more of dreams and imagination… perhaps it may lead to the real experience later on.

The full sized digital paintings are available on canvas, with only one print of each work available to the public, and one available on demand for galleries and museums.

Smaller sized open edition prints will be available to the public via Saatchi Art.