The Four Seasons

The 4 Seasons - Summer
The Four Seasons – Summer, 2003

This four piece work was created back in 2003. With art supply funds being low, I sought the ability to paint in an impasto-like quality, but using cheaper acrylics. I discovered acrylic gel medium and varnish, and this was the result.

The 4 Seasons - Autumn
The Four Seasons – Autumn, 2003

Over the years, this series has been among the most recognized, and consequent works have been influenced by them. As for the subject matter, they serve as a precursor to a larger project that I plan to work on in the future.

The 4 Seasons - Winter
The Four Seasons – Winter, 2003

“The Four Seasons” is available for sale now in giclée print canvas or paper, various sizes, at Crated and at Fine Art America. You can purchase either one season, or all four as a set.

The 4 Seasons - Spring
The Four Seasons – Spring, 2003