The Four Seasons

The 4 Seasons - Summer
The Four Seasons – Summer, 2003

This four piece work was created back in 2003. With art supply funds being low, I sought the ability to paint in an impasto-like quality, but using cheaper acrylics. I discovered acrylic gel medium and varnish, and this was the result.

The 4 Seasons - Autumn
The Four Seasons – Autumn, 2003

Over the years, this series has been among the most recognized, and consequent works have been influenced by them. As for the subject matter, they serve as a precursor to a larger project that I plan to work on in the future.

The 4 Seasons - Winter
The Four Seasons – Winter, 2003

“The Four Seasons” is available for sale now in giclĂ©e print canvas or paper, various sizes, at Crated and at Fine Art America. You can purchase either one season, or all four as a set.

The 4 Seasons - Spring
The Four Seasons – Spring, 2003

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